About The Family Network in California

The Family Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(3)
nonprofit, Hague-Accredited, licensed adoption agency in the state of California. Our staff of social workers and adoption professionals is committed to helping families through every step of the adoption process.

Founded by Luke and Georgia Leonard, the Leonard’s personal experience with adoption provided the challenge that motivated them to form The Family Network, Inc. in 1979. The Leonard’s have six children: three internationally adopted, one domestically adopted bi-racial son, and two biological daughters.
Staff - Nurturing Children and Building Families in Roseville, CA
Staff at table event - Nurturing Children and Building Families in Roseville, CA
The Family Network is currently licensed in the State of California for domestic, international and embryo adoption services. These services include: adoption homestudies, relinquishment of parental rights, interstate compact agreements and administration, post placement reports, agency court work, coordination with placing agencies, and coordination with immigration. The Family Network social workers specialize in educating and supporting adoptive parents in their parenting for attachment efforts.

The Family Network is committed to creating permanent and loving homes for all children and youth through family support, adoption and foster care. The Family Network also has a deep commitment to humanitarian aid and placing children with special needs into loving families.
Mission Statement: The Family Network, Inc. is dedicated to finding permanent loving families for children worldwide, offering support to birth families, and providing educational therapeutic assistance to families affected by adoption or parenting challenges. The Family Network is committed to serving all races and creeds with a special humanitarian focus on orphaned and impoverished children.

We believe in an inter-generational approach to family concerns, coupled with a linkage to appropriate community resource services. Since the inception of the agency in 1979, several thousand children, both domestic and international, have been placed with loving families locally and throughout the United States. Through its many programs, The Family Network, Inc. helps hundreds of families every year!
Mother holding baby - Nurturing Children and Building Families in Roseville, CA

Board of Directors

The Family Network, Inc. board of directors meets quarterly with the TFN management.
Sheila Martin (President)
Michelle Townsend (Vice President)
Craig Powell (Treasurer)
Preston Holdner
Clare Markovits (Secretary)
Faith Collins
Justine Graney
Matt Kirchner
Amy Orr
Michelle Raimo-Kouyate