Domestic Adoption in California

The Family Network works with families throughout California, who primarily adopt newborns of both genders and various nationalities. We work cooperatively with attorneys, facilitators, as well as other private licensed agencies throughout the country. The Family Network is able to assist with California domestic adoptions, special needs placements, stepparent adoptions and relative adoptions in a personalized, confidential manner.
The goal of The Family Network’s domestic adoption program is two-fold:

1) To offer a loving alternative for birth mothers while protecting their rights as a birth parent and offering warmth, support and understanding.

2) To help couples expand their family through adoption and educate families on positive parenting.
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Domestic Services

The Family Network is licensed for domestic adoption services including:
  • Adoption homestudies
  • Birth Parent Relinquishments
  • Post-placement supervision
  • Interstate compact/coordination
  • Court work for adoption finalization
  • Homestudy updates

The Homestudy Process

The main purpose of the home study is to approve adoptive parents as suitable to adopt a child, as well as to prepare and educate them about the adoption process and their future adopted child. TFN, recognizes no one is perfect and does their best to create an accepting and life understanding atmosphere throughout the homestudy process. This is an informative and non-judgmental process usually conducted in the privacy of the family’s home.
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1. Request application from TFN
2. Adoptive family's application is received by The Family Network
3. Initial interview in your home
4. Complete the homestudy documents and send them in to TFN
5. Homestudy and interviews done in your home
6. Finish completing homestudy requirements
7. TFN completes the homestudy report
8. Homestudy is sent to the family for review
9. Homestudy is sent to placing agency for review
10. Approval is received
11. Final homestudy is sent to facilitator/agency/lawyer

Domestic Associations

The Family Network has worked with agencies, lawyers, and facilitators all over the state of California and nationally, building long-term relationships to make the process of adoption as smooth as possible for you.

The Family Network Staff will be happy to recommend resources to find an agency, lawyer or facilitator who could assist you in fulfilling your dream to adopt.

Contact Us About Domestic Adoption

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