Homestudy Services in California

The speed of the homestudy is set by the prospective adoptive parents. The average time of completion is anywhere from one to six months, but primarily depends on how quickly the adoptive family completes and turns in their homestudy paperwork to TFN. Once all the homestudy paperwork is submitted to TFN, it takes three weeks, on average, for the homestudy report to be constructed, reviewed for accuracy by the adoptive family, reviewed by the placing agency, revisions made, homestudy notarized and mailed out to the adoptive family. The homestudy process is a wonderful time to reflect on your past and discuss future parenting plans!
The main purpose of the homestudy process is to assess adoptive parents as suitable to adopt a child, as well as to prepare and educate them about the adoption process and their future adopted child. The Family Network’s social workers recognize that no one is perfect and do their best to create an accepting and understanding atmosphere throughout the homestudy process. This is an educational process, usually conducted in the privacy of the family’s home and is designed to assist families in fulfilling their dream of adopting a child, providing of course, that the family can provide a safe and stable home for a child.

The majority of the homestudy process involves collecting documents and completing paperwork about the prospective adoptive parents’ background and current situation, as well as fulfilling educational requirements. The homestudy is a lot of work; however, The Family Network prides themselves on offering support, guidance and expertise throughout the entire homestudy and adoption process.
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The Homestudy Process

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  • Application & initial documents received by The Family Network, Inc. (TFN).
  • A social worker will contact you to schedule the first interview, which is usually held in your home
  • Complete the first interview with the social worker where you will get an overview on all documents that need to be completed/obtained and submitted to TFN in order to prepare the homestudy. The initial interview lasts 1 – 1.5 hours.
  • Complete homestudy paperwork & necessary parent education.
  • When the completed paperwork has been submitted to TFN, a social worker will contact you to schedule the second homestudy visit, which is usually held in your home.
  • Complete the second interview with your social worker where you will go through the documents that you filled out and discuss your personal and family history, marriage, parenting, adoption issues, bonding & attachment and grief & loss. The length of this interview varies, but generally takes 3-4 hours.
  • Complete any remaining homestudy requirements.
  • After all your paperwork is submitted, TFN will prepare your 8-15 page homestudy report. It usually takes three weeks to complete the homestudy report.
  • A draft of the homestudy is e-mailed to you to review.
  • The completed homestudy is mailed to you (International) or to the Agency/Attorney (Domestic).

Contact Us About Homestudy Services

Contact The Family Network to learn more about the homestudy process or to begin an adoption homestudy for international, domestic or embryo adoption.
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