Post Adoption Services in California

Overview of the Post Adoption Process: The adoptive family and child meet with the social worker; the social worker prepares the post adoption report and mails it to the appropriate person/place.

Post Adoption Services

During the post-adoption process, an adoption social worker follows up with the adoptive family and child to make sure that they are adjusting well and have the support/resources that they need. The social worker then prepares a written report about the adopted child, which is sent to the agency/facilitator/state (for domestic adoption) or the child’s placing agency for submission to the child’s birth country (for international adoption).

Domestic Post Placement Services

Schedule: The post adoption schedule and number of post adoption visits varies depending on the facilitator/agency or state.
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Parent Support Group

The Family Network is available to provide a Parent Support Group should enough parents provide interest.

Give TFN a call at 916-480-1101 if you're interested.